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Free Folder Scout Standard Software - Instantly Access Any Folder Out of Thousands

Free Folder Scout Standard Software - Instantly Access Any Folder Out of Thousands in your Laptop/Pc

About The Software 

When you initial bought your laptop, navigating to the folder that you simply needed was simple. however as your work volume grows, therefore too do the amount of folders and sub folders! now a days, it's not possible for you to urge to any folder while not drilling through vast lists, that severely impacts your productivity. however things improve straight away, because of Folder Scout customary, today's discount computer code promotion.

Folder Scout customary offers you instant access to any drive, folder, or file on your laptop, simply by type writing the primary few letters of the name. With Folder Scout customary, you not need to navigate vast hierarchies of folders, nor does one very need to worry regarding nesting a folder into the correct spot. an impressive prophetic  programme empowers Folder Scout customary to simply index the names of thousands of folders, putting you specifically wherever you would like to be with simply a couple of written letters.

Best of all, Folder Scout customary will all of this while not bogging down your system. there is no background compartmentalization to require up processor cycles. All that is required is simply a couple of seconds to catalog the names of the folders on your drive, and you are smart to go! although you are doing some housework and alter folder names, Folder Scout customary can mechanically track these changes and account for them in your next search!

Key features are :-
  • High speed search engine delivers results in real-time, as you type; 
  • Typically taking less than a second to search 100,000 folders! 
  • Instant hide/bring-to-front Folder Scout on your desktop just by pressing F7 key; 
  • Also get instant access to Favorite Folders, Recent Folders and Recent Documents
  • Say goodbye to endless navigation through huge lists of folders     
  • Easily index thousands of folder names for quick access     
  • Use the program without bogging down system performance     
  • Automatically track and account for changes to folder names
Normally The price of This Software is $14.95 but now you can get it for Free so grab this Giveaway offer

This offer will be Live for 24 Hour only (18-19th November 2012)
System requirement :-

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7  Download size: 4.29 MB


Visit here for Giveaway offer page & Download it (it will be Zip File)
  • Extract the Zip file and you ought to see 3 files in there - Activate.exe, Readme.txt, and Setup.exe. Double left-click on Setup.exe to put in Folder Scout normal Edition. Installation is like several different traditional program; follow on-screen directions.
  • After installation of Folder Scout normal Edition finishes, shut Folder Scout normal Edition if it's running. Folder Scout normal Edition minimizes itself to the system receptacle thus double-click there to create certain it's not running. If it's running within the system receptacle, right-click it and hit Exit.
  • Once you're certain Folder Scout normal Edition is not running, return to wherever you extracted the nothing file and double left-click on Activate.exe (Vista and Win7 user take care to right-click and do Run as administrator). ensure you have got a sound web affiliation at the time and wait whereas Activate.exe checks to create certain the giveaway continues to be live. Once it confirms the giveaway continues to be live, Activate.exe can mechanically register Folder Scout normal Edition for you. once it's done, the Giveaway of the Day installer can popup -- click shut (unless you want to install an optional third-party program Software Informer, in which case click Software Informer):

Its for Personal use only not for official use.
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